Ysabel Restaurant - West Hollywood, CA

Ysabel Restaurant, West Hollywood’s newest contemporary American fine cuisine restaurant, features a charming outdoor courtyard with olive trees for al fresco dining and a lively bar scene. The owners required a retractable canopy system to complement the venue’s ambience for late-night socializing, provide protection from the elements, with an option to expose the trees to sunlight. Eide’s solution was a motorized retractable roof system specifically designed to mount to reinforced frames, manage water-drainage, and meet California Fire Marshall Code and local city wind-load requirements.

Four (4) Motorized Corradi Impact Unit with Protective Hoods
Each Corradi Canopy measures 26’-2” Projection x 29’-6” Wide
Approximate total coverage area of 3,068 sq. ft.
Flame-Retardant, Serge Ferrari 502 Fabric
Engineered for 90 MPH Wind Loads, CBC 2010, Exposure “C”